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There aren't many original sites on the net let alone original porn sites, but i found a site that i think is
quite unique it's called Kim's Amateurs And it is about Kim a very busty British housewives, Kim has a very open altitude, when it comes to her sex life, you see she has quit a raunchy side and has a bunch of friends that are more than willing to help her explore it.

There are more ladies with voluptuous bodies in side as well as teens milfs indians all getting up to some really hard core games, it's more like an amateur porn verity show.

Ok lets take a look around Kim's Amateur's, On the main page you get the chance to see a glimpse of the hot action waiting for you inside, on the following pages you get to see a preview of every video there is in the members area, the preview are built up of many thumbnail images showing little pieces of action, you even get the chance to see a free trailer with a lot more action, there is also a quite detailed description which lets you know exactly what you are getting into.

Kim's Amateurs is packed full of original amateur content, and kim will draw you in with her sex appeal like she did with me and although i am not a big fan of older women i found her very alluring.

Enter Kims Amateurs

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